Deadline and Oscar’s

I have had a few people ask what I am waiting for to do my trade deadline review. Well I wanted to wait for the Oscars to finish. Why? Well it gave me a great theme for this deadline. So let’s dip into this review.


With all the buzz of the Amare Stoudemire deal that never happened and all the pure hype of this trade deadline, it became a dud. There was a lot of talk but a little walk. The first category is the losers of the deadline. These teams either didn’t make a deal to make their team better, made a deal to hurt their team or didn’t make one to clear up cap space for the future.


Portland Trailblazers

They have a huge piece with Raef Lafrentz’s contract. What did they do? Nothing. Maybe Kevin Pritchard isn’t a genius but a con artist. How the heck does he have the audacity to ask for Ramon Sessions with Richard Jefferson when he is only offering LaFrentz, Outlaw and Sergio Rodriguez? Honestly Richard Jefferson would have had made this team very dangerous this year. But Pritchard must think Outlaw and Sergio are gold to ask for Sessions. Sessions since Ridnour was injured is playing among the best point guards in the East. Portland got greedy and may have hurt their chances of ever winning a title. Remember Chicago a couple of years ago? They over valued their young players and now they haven’t gone anywhere, they could have had Kobe Bryant and they didn’t do the deal. I’m not saying Jefferson is Kobe but he would help put this team over the top. He would have helped make them a legit contender next year.


Washington Wizards

They aren’t going anywhere even when they are healthy. Why not trade Jamison or Butler? Arenas’ contract is immovable and he is injured. They had takers for Jamison and Butler and wouldn’t do it to free up cap space. I am shocked in how good their management thinks they are. Even when healthy they are a second round and done playoff team. Why not get some draft picks, young players and cap room?


The team that shall not be spoken

You rescind the Tyson Chandler trade? Why? Turf Toe? So instead you get Thabo Sefolosha and Malik Rose? They managed to get worse. I like Sefolosha but why trade Wilcox for Rose? Wilcox can contribute now and Rose hasn’t done anything in five years. The team managed to get worse. That’s hard to do.


The next category is for the teams that didn’t make a huge impact but helped themselves one way or the other. This category is kind of like the action movie blockbusters. They are going to make a ton of money but they will never win best picture.


Sacramento Kings

They go rid of a lot. Why not? They are already the worst team in the league and they weren’t going anywhere. So they unloaded a lot of contracts so they can basically get under the cap and start over. They have some good young pieces in Jason Thompson and Kevin Martin. I’m not a fan of Martin’s but you can’t knock his production. Now if they can convince someone Beno Udrih is worth that god awful contract.


Chicago Bulls

They got Miller and Salmons from Sacramento. But then they traded Larry Hughes, which wasn’t bad but they took Jerome James contract on.  I think they make the playoffs for sure now. With a pretty good center and a good rotation, the Bulls can make some noise this year.


Miami Heat

You traded Marion which was huge, but it was for Jermaine O’Neal. Who gives them a legit big man but did they get better? Not really. They need some depth. The plus is they go rid of Marcus Banks and got another starter in Jamario Moon. But they didn’t get much better. Wade needs some more help around him.


Toronto Raptors

You got Marion for a half of year, What if you stayed healthy and O’Neal panned out? This franchise is falling fast. Expect the Raptors to trade Bosh in  the summer. Bosh is as good as gone. They need to figure out how to keep stars. McGrady, Carter and now Bosh are all going to be gone. Yet they haven’t brought any impact players in.


Orlando Magic

Jameer Nelson is hurt and they knew Tyronne Lue and Anthony Johnson weren’t the answer. So they made a small deal to bring in Rafer “Skip to my Lou” Alston. He can score when they need him too and he has experience playing with a good big man. Though this one he is with now is better and can stay healthy. Good move for Orlando but they still aren’t contenders.


Best picture went to a relatively unknown film name “Slumdog Millionaire”. I highly recommend the movie it is a great movie. This next team isn’t really an unknown team but their moves were unknown and impacted the team big time. They cleared space and yet made the team good enough for the playoffs. My deadline winner is…


New York Knicks

The days of Isiah Thomas are over. Donnie Walsh some how got Chicago to take Jerome James contract in the Larry Hughes deal. Then they flip Malik Rose for a very underrated Chris Wilcox. Wilcox and Hughes should be fine in D’Antoni’s system. I really like what the Knicks did. They cleared another contract for 2010.  They made room this year to sign David Lee this summer. I don’t think Lebron is coming to New York in the 2010 summer, but I do think a player like D-Wade or Chris Bosh will, maybe both or maybe Amare? Whatever it is the Knicks positioned themselves for this year and next.


If you are a movie fan you need to catch “Slumdog Millionaire” it is a great movie. Also the other movies I enjoyed from this year were “Gran Torino”, “Defiance”, “Frost Nixon” and “Milk”.  Of course there always are they comedies and action movies that are fun to watch but those four movies were all great. This was a special trade deadline and Oscar’s day. I hope you enjoyed and have a great week.


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